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          Social Responsibility

          Zoomlion believes that the purpose of business is not only to maximize profit, but also to promote social responsibility and development of civilization. Whether in helping in reconstruction following floods, droughts, snow, earthquakes and other natural disasters, or helping students complete their education and better their lives, Zoomlion is dedicated to fulfilling social responsibility with definitive action.


          As a company that grew out of a research institute, Zoomlion understands the importance of knowledge in cultivating social and personal growth, therefore we have established the ‘Zoomlion Scholarship’ which has given out over 2.5 million US dollars to help over 40,000 underprivileged students achieve their dreams.


          In May 2008, Wenchuan earthquake, Zoomlion was one of the first corporations to offer financial and labor support, donating 3.4 million US dollars worth of industrial machines, 1.3 million US dollars in cash, and sending nearly 200 employees to aid in search and rescue.


          In January 2008, responding to a massive blizzard in Hunan, Zoomlion donated 0.6 million US dollars, as well as hundreds of industrial machines, to aid ‘Jingzhu Highway Rescue’in plowing and deicing major city roads and highways.


          In August 2013, drought affected 11 counties in Hunan Province, Zoomlion sent 10 rescue teams, 29 water tank trucks and nearly 3000 tons of water resource, helping about 60,000 families in water supply issues.