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          Truck Crane QY25D531R
          • Continuously overall promotion makes our lifting capacity of crane be improved once and once again.

          • Jib length 8.0m,Main boom length(10.6 – 40.0m).

          • Optimized central slewing position increases the lifting capacity of the crane over rear.

          • Large outrigger span improves the working stability of the crane greatly.

          •  Adopt internationally advanced structure analysis and calculation methods to develop the lifting capacity of crane deeply.

          • Leading boom manufacturing process in trade.        

          Working    performanceMax.    rated lifting capacitykg25000 
          Max.    load moment of basic boomkN.m1029 
          Max.    load moment of main boom(fully extended)kN.m564 
          Max.    load moment of basic boomm11.1 
          Max.    lifting height of main boomm40.5These    parameters do not include deflection of main boom and jib
          Max.    lifting height of jibm48.5
          Working    speeds              Max.    hoist rope speed(Main winch)m/min120At    the 4th  layer
          Max.    hoist rope speed(Auxiliary winch)m/min100At    the 2nd   layer
          Boom    demrricking up times40 
          Boom    demrricking up times80 
          Slewing  speedr/min0    -2.2 
          Driving    parametersMax.    driving  speedkm/h78 
          Max.    gradeability%37 
          Turning    diameterm≤22 
          Min.  ground clearancemm235 
          Oil    consumption per hundred kilometersL35 
          MassDeadweight    in driving conditionkg32400 
          Complete    vehicle kerb masskg32270 
          Front    axle loadkg6500 
          Rear    axle loadkg25900 
          DimensionsOverall    dimensions(L×W×H)mm13000×2550×3500 
          Outrigger    spread(L)m5.36 
          Outrigger    spread(W)mFully    extended:6.1,
               Intermediately    extended:4.2
          Tail    slewing radiusmm3385 
          Main    boom lengthm10.6    - 40.0 
          Boom    angle°-2    - 80 
          jib    lengthm8.0 
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