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          ZOOMLION Donates 50,000 Masks to Italy to Return Kindness


          On March 13th, 50,000 masks donated by ZOOMLION at the request of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government were shipped from Changsha to Italy to help the country fight against the outbreak of COVID-19. Upon arrival, the masks will be donated to the emergency materials distribution department in Lombardy, Italy, to assist the local medical front line.


          According to the relevant information, the shipment consists of 139 boxes containing a total of 50,000 masks. These masks were manufactured by Hunan enterprises at the request of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. All the masks comply with EU standards. ZOOMLION completed the logistics coordination and customs clearance within two days.

          As ZOOMLION said, “The first batch of materials will be donated to Niguarda Hospital in Milan. Earlier, ZOOMLION launched a global purchasing campaign of epidemic prevention materials to help prevent and control the outbreak in China. In the campaign, employees and industrial parks around the world, including CIFA of Italy, actively responded and took measures, providing ZOOMLION with great help in purchasing and transporting protective materials overseas. They supported China’s fight against the outbreak and assisted with the resumption of business and production. Now we wish to help and support Italy as much as we can in return.”


          “On behalf of Lombardy, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Hunan Province and ZOOMLION for their assistance in this emergency,” said the health officer-in-charge of the Lombardy government.

          During ZOOMLION’s global purchasing campaign of epidemic prevention materials at the end of January, CIFA of Italy collected more than 130,000 items of medical materials such as masks, protective clothes, goggles and gloves in a short period of time, and actively opened up the logistics distribution and transportation channels to ensure the rapid delivery of materials to China.


          ZOOMLION and Italy have more than ten years of deep friendship. In September 2008, ZOOMLION acquired a 100% stake in CIFA, the world leader in concrete equipment. The two sides have since complemented each other and shared resources. Their supply chain and marketing have attained great synergy. They have achieved a win-win situation and set a good example for China-Italy cooperation.


          ZOOMLION has shown its social responsibility in the fight against the outbreak. As one of the first equipment manufacturers to lend a helping hand after the outbreak, ZOOMLION has mobilized more than 250 sets of equipment and participated in the construction of Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan, and “Xiaotangshan” hospitals and other related hospitals in Hunan, Shenzhen, Henan, Guangxi and Tianjin. Meanwhile, ZOOMLION has donated more than 3 million items (sets) of medical protection materials to the front line in total, demonstrating the “strength of unity” through its actions in fighting the outbreak. On February 27th, in timely response to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China’s call for donations to support the prevention and control of COVID-19, the Party Committee of ZOOMLION organized all its Party members and employees to make donations to support the prevention and control of COVID-19. More than 20,000 people donated, raising more than RMB 1.9 million in total. ZOOMLION will immediately send these funds to the front line and the people in epidemic-struck areas.